You Can’t Grow Unless You Show

As memorable as you are, you and your fellow 21st century earthlings live in an era when the constant bombardment of information makes it impossible to keep anything “top of mind” for very long. Here’s an example: Assuming you read it, can you remember the subject of my last blog? How about the one before that? Let’s face it, our short term memory is overcrowded.

My business development strategy is a combination of blogging (obviously), public speaking, and networking (and luck). My least favorite of the mix is networking. It’s time-consuming, its results are unreliable, and it often feels like a bad blind date. I have, on several occasions, considered eliminating it from my life altogether. Certainly there have been days when, on my way to a networking lunch, I have thought to myself, “I wish I could just cancel.” Ironically, it’s usually those meetings that are the most productive. They remind me that 90% of success is just showing up. After all, I can’t expect to be in the right place at the right time if I don’t show up in the first place.

So, to those of you who are tired of networking; who miss the good old days when people didn’t constantly need to be reminded that you’re still open for business; who wish that being memorable meant being remembered—I urge you to consider that life is a contact sport. Get in front of the key people in your network and stay in front of them. Don’t expect them to find you on LinkedIn. Don’t expect them to keep you in mind. There’s a good chance they won’t. Keep showing up, in spite of the implied tedium, and expect to be pleasantly surprised.


Authored by David Ackert

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Grow Unless You Show

  • So true. A network is an inter-related system of connections. Instead of a signal going directly from one point to another, it can travel around the network and arrive in different ways, sometimes through nodes you never would have expected. To effectively use a network, you have to become a reliable node in the system. Many times I have gone to a lunch or meeting thinking it is a waste of time, only to find an unexpected business relationship or even just an enjoyable conversation. But the real value is that when it goes well that is one more node talking to the rest of the network about you. That buzz is what creates opportunities. But there is no buzz if you don’t have the meetings in the first place.

  • David:
    An important reminder.
    Just this week at a network lunch , I received a referral that resulted in a retainer.
    Stephen Fenster.

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