Why Professional Jealousy Is Good for You

There are those for whom success seems to come easily. We watch their rise with a pang of envy and wish we could somehow snap our fingers and have what they have. Perhaps for you, it’s someone in your business community. Perhaps it’s someone at your firm. In those moments when our own efforts are slow to bear fruit, it’s easy to feel covetous of their accomplishments.

Walk a day in their shoes and you may be surprised to learn that they look with a yearning eye at some of your qualities and abilities. Such is human nature, after all. But consider that these people serve an important role in our lives: they set the bar against which we measure ourselves. They are the ones running just ahead of us in the race, motivating us to push ourselves just a little harder. We may pass them someday, we may not. But thanks to them, we will go further than we would have without them.

Look over your shoulder. You’re serving the same function for someone just behind you.



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