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    Business Intelligence

    Fully customized dashboards built to your specifications. We pull all of your marketing, business development, and financial data from external platforms into a centralized view. You tell us what you want to see. We deliver it to you in real time.

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All your metrics in one place.

Customized Dashboards integrate with virtually any platform to present your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in one beautiful, bespoke view.

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How does it work?

  • Securely connect your platforms

    First, we set up a connection between your customized dashboard and virtually any other software platform you use, from social media to accounting software to CRM. Our SSL encryption provides a secure connection comparable to the online security provided by many major banks and financial institutions.

  • Customize your KPI Dashboard

    Your customized dashboard enables you to view your analytics in 8 or more "KPI Frames." KPI Frames are like windows into your data that bring the most important business intelligence to light. We can help you customize which analytics you'd like your KPI Frames to show, so your dashboard is easy to read and enables you to make better business decisions.

  • Make changes whenever you want

    We provide ongoing customization whenever you need it. If you decide to add extra users, extra dashboards, or extra KPI Frames, we've got you covered.

Why track KPIs using a customized dashboard?

The market may shift rapidly depending on your industry, and marketers are being forced to innovate in order to drive company evolution forward. The recent increase in data-driven decision-making is an improvement in firm strategy, but it entails sifting through an overwhelming amount of data. Customized dashboards can distill and track Key Performance Indicators from CRM, ERM, KM, CMS and the myriad other platforms marketers use (complete list found here). This way, you can track business intelligence – not just a sea of data.

Which KPIs should you track?

There are a variety of different metrics you can track depending on your needs. If you are unsure on what you should focus on, we provide a free consulting session along with your PIPELINEPLUS license to discuss what areas of the firm you are looking to improve.

And if you are still unsure on where to begin, we offer a starter package with six Key Performance Indicators that are crucial for marketing and business development departments to track. They inform the overall health, strategy, and performance of marketing and business function. They can be used to formulate strategies and course-correct on what’s not working. These recommendations are based on an independent market survey of several firms on KPI best practices. These KPIs include:

  • Business Development Performance

    KPI Description: Percentage of new vs. existing clients, client feedback, client referrals, list of top clients, group/industry performance

    Data Source: CRM / Billing software

    What data we use: Quantity of clients, client surveys, revenue per client/group/individual, referral sources, billable/non-billable hours, etc.

  • Revenue: per Client, Industry Type, and Group

    KPI Description: Revenue generated by firm with totals/averages and comparisons to annual and quarterly figures. Additionally, lists revenue sortable by client, industry type, group, and individuals

    Data Source: CRM / Accounting software

    What data we use: Lists of clients / groups / individuals, total figures for revenue based on date

  • Website Traffic & Performance Goals

    KPI Description: Reach of visitors to your website, visitors to specific pages, and ad targeted visitors. Complete list of monthly data including Page Views, Unique Views, Avg. Time on Page, Entrances, Bounce Rate, and Unique Page names

    Data Source: Google Analytics or marketing automation software

    What data we use: Quantity of visitors to your site

  • Email Campaign Open & Click Through Rates

    KPI Description: Measure of how many people open (or view) your email campaigns, as well as how many people click (take action) within an opened email

    Data Source: Email marketing or marketing automation software

    What data we use: Quantity of users who open/click your emails

  • Social Media Reach & Engagement

    KPI Description: Measure of potential audience size and how often that audience engages with your post/blog campaigns

    Data Source: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or social media management software

    What data we use: Social media user volume, reach, and engagement

  • Competitive Market Comparison

    KPI Description: Analysis of website/social media reach data among your biggest competitors (only available with BuzzSumo account)

    Data Source: various services

    What data we use: Social media & website comparisons of competitors


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