Customized business development guidance and automated advice that helps accelerate results.

    Our INSIGHTS module uses AI to observe how you develop business and delivers concrete recommendations on exactly what steps to take so you can close your next deal. INSIGHTS will tell you whether your day-to-day pursuits are truly aligned with your business development goals, where you should focus your energy, and where you should cut bait so you aren’t wasting time on an unlikely outcome.

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  • Get Automated Insights Based On Your Business Goals

    Whether it's expanding your network or landing a client, INSIGHTS provides guidance to make sure you’re on track to meet your objective. Along the way, you'll automatically receive best practices when it comes to business development, so you never miss your next opportunity.

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  • Understand What Steps to Take with Key Pursuits

    INSIGHTS automated suggestions are customized to your targets and your business development style. With INSIGHTS, you’ll always know how to sustain your business development momentum.

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See how PIPELINEPLUS can improve your book of business.


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    Prioritize Your Targets

    Our intuitive prioritization system integrates with your CRM and helps you focus on the people you need to contact.

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    Train Your People

    Business development e-learning tools provide the strategies, skills, and mindset business developers need to thrive in today’s environment.

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    Track Your Progress

    Comprehensive dashboards illuminate new avenues for growth.