• Business Strategic Planning Services

    We engage your leadership in a dialogue that challenges norms and creates new possibilities for your business.

  • Business Strategy Meeting Presentation
  • Strategic Planning

    Our consultants will guide your business through every step of the process, from strategic analysis, to formulating a plan, and finally to implementation. By establishing achievable, measurable goals, we ensure the success of your strategic plan is realistic, quantifiable, and in clear service to your business’s bottom line.

    You can expect:

    • A comprehensive plan that maps out your business’s future success
    • Clear objectives, champions, and deadlines for all key stakeholders
    • Key benchmarks for success, and accountability systems that support meaningful implementation
  • Stategic planning meeting group
  • Culture Transformation

    The transformation of a business’s culture begins with an analysis of the norms, behaviors and beliefs that no longer support leadership’s vision for the future. Then, we engage key stakeholders in a process that secures buy-in for change, and ensures alignment throughout all levels of the business. Finally, we integrate the new expectations into the tactical policies and procedures that define the business’s day-to-day.

    You can expect:

    • Specific means for defining your business’s culture, beyond the jargon
    • A work environment that attracts top talent
    • Improved employee retention, productivity, and morale
  • Business culture transformation representation


  • I have come to trust the perspective, insight, and guidance we receive from Ackert whenever we go through a formal strategic planning exercise at our business.

    headshot of Scott Alderton

    Scott AldertonManaging Partner
    Stubbs, Alderton & Margulies

  • Ackert’s culture transformation has helped us to better articulate and execute on our core values. Our daily activities are finally aligned with our strategic plan.

    headshot of Emilio Diez Barroso

    Emilio Diez BarrosoCEO

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