Business Development Seminars

Our seminars will introduce you to new business development strategies and new avenues for success. They can be tailored to various lengths and forums.

Business Development: Advanced

business development techniques for personal branding

Business Development for Litigators

Trial lawyers have unique challenges when it comes to developing a consistent pipeline of new clientele. In this program we will focus on the rainmaking techniques that are best-suited to litigators.

Personal Branding Techniques

In today’s dynamic marketplace, a generic personal brand is an invitation to be overlooked and commoditized. Learn how to position yourself so that your unique value proposition stands out and your interactions generate business opportunities.

How to Improve ROI at Conferences and Trade Shows

Conferences and trade shows are considerable investments of time and money, which is why it’s critical to devise a strategy that will make the most of the opportunity.

Effective Client Site Visits

Firms invest a substantial sum to send lawyers to client sites, and with good reason. An effective visit can often result in a deeper relationship with the client, a cross-sell, or an opportunity to ask for new business. But without the proper techniques, lawyers may squander the full potential of their face-time with their clients.

Business Development: Associates

business development strategies for associates

Business Development Strategies for Associates

Associates face unique challenges when it comes to business development. Between time pressures and limited access to decision-makers, it can be difficult to know where to invest one’s energy so as to seed the right opportunities.

Laying a Strong Business Development Foundation

It takes several years to develop a meaningful book of business. But when associates lay the foundation early in their career, they gain a critical advantage over less ambitious competitors. This requires adopting a business-development mindset, developing meaningful expertise, establishing credibility in the business community, and building the relationships that will eventually comprise key clients and referral sources. Each of these components, when approached strategically, accelerate business development momentum so that associates can attract clients to their practices as quickly as possible.

The strategies and techniques offered through this program are practical and actionable.

Business Development: Motivation

business development motivation to make rain

How to Motivate Lawyers to Make Rain

When it comes to the successful marketing and business development activities that generate new matters for their firms, many lawyers are unsure of the steps to take or dissatisfied with the steps they are currently taking. As a result, they are frustrated or reluctant when it comes to business development initiatives.

How to Design and Implement a Business Development Intensive

For many firms, business development coaching and training initiatives are limited to ad hoc meetings between billable hours without much formal structure, accountability or long-term effectiveness. But implementing an effective Business Development Intensive can provide essential skills and create lasting behavioral changes that make the most of marketing resources and result in a greater return for the firm.

How to Create a Personal Business Development Plan

This interactive seminar begins with the monetary goals you intend to achieve and shows you the steps you’ll need to take to get there. Participants will leave the program with a high-level business development plan that they can implement immediately.

Business Development: Networking

business development networking by leveraging personal contacts

Selling to Your Friends: How to Leverage Personal Contacts Without Compromising Trust

Oftentimes the business potential in our personal relationships remains untapped because we do not know how to comfortably broach the topic of client development. In this program, you will discover communication techniques that allow you to explore professional opportunities naturally without jeopardizing your reputation or damaging your relationships. Your best contacts will be far more likely to help you when you learn how to initiate business conversations with ease and efficacy.

How to Increase Referral Business

Traditional networking is a highly inefficient activity. It’s often little more than a string of business lunches and mixers and meetings that all promise an occasional referral. But it can be leveraged effectively for a substantial return on the time and money you invest. The techniques in this seminar will show you how.

Harnessing the Full Potential of a Professional Network

While many lawyers have extensive professional networks, few have an effective system that captures the full business potential of their relationships. As a result, prospects and opportunities tend to slip through the cracks. This program provides practical tools and techniques that allow lawyers to identify their key relationships, nurture them efficiently, and capture the business potential therein.

Business Development: Pitching

business development pitching to prospective clients

Navigating the Pitch: How to Influence a Prospective Client to Engage

When meeting with a prospective client, how do you introduce yourself so that your services pique their interest? How do you pitch yourself and your firm so that you sound more compelling than your competitors? And how do you win their business? In today’s crowded and highly competitive market, clients are sophisticated. They want more than assurances. They are no longer satisfied with pedigree and reputation. But they do engage when they hear a compelling pitch. This requires not only an understanding of their business, but a facility with the practical and emotional drivers that influence the client’s decision-making process.

Follow Up Techniques that Close the Deal

Given all the time and effort that goes into pursuing prospective clients and referral source relationships, it is essential for a lawyer to have effective follow-through. Yet most lawyers shy away from the direct and persistent outreach required to close the deal. In this program, David Ackert will present practical techniques that bring productive closure to a productive business development dialogue without creating an “awkward moment.”

Cross Selling Made Easy

Existing client relationships are typically the best sources for new matters (after all, it’s much easier to acquire new work from an existing client than it is to bring a new client to the firm). But it can be a challenge to broach the topic of new work with an existing client without putting a strain on the relationship. In this interactive workshop, David Ackert will provide simple, conversational launch points that can help you steer a client interaction into a business development opportunity.

Bridge the Gap Between CRM and New Business

CRM management is one of the biggest challenges in legal marketing. In spite of the many software options available, law firms struggle to find a solution that will get information out of the lawyers and into a database. But there are effective ways to bridge the gap between your firm’s database and its business results.

The presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Insights from the latest market-wide study on the state of CRM at law firms
  • How to set appropriate expectations regarding CRM and the outcomes it can produce for the firm
  • Tools that lawyers can use to manage their BD activities easily and efficiently
  • Best practices that make the most of your CRM’s capabilities


increase efficiency and profitability

How to Use the 80/20 Rule to Increase Efficiency and Profitability

While many lawyers have heard of the 80/20 rule, few have structured their practices to take advantage of it. This program will show you how to sharpen your focus on the 20% of activities and disciplines that maximize your business results.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and minimize the inefficiencies in your practice
  • Implement time management systems that increase your potential billable time
  • Spend less of your energy on low-grade clients so you can orient your practice around the work you enjoy
  • Organize your workday for optimal productivity
  • Delegate work more effectively
  • Spend less of your day in your email inbox
  • Communicate with staff and clients more succinctly

If working harder is not an option, working smarter is the only alternative. Use the 80/20 rule to build a smarter practice.

Social Media

optimize social media and your linkedin profile for better business results

Don’t Get LinkedOut: Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for Better Business Results

According to the latest ABA study, over 78% of business decision-makers review a lawyer’s LinkedIn profile before engaging her for a new matter. We live in an era when social media is a critical component to our professional success. And yet, many lawyers are unaware of the LinkedIn pitfalls that influence the decisions of prospective clients.

In this interactive program you will discover:

  • Which ABA rules apply to your LinkedIn presence
  • What specific changes you need to make to your profile page to maximize business potential
  • How to avoid inadvertently discouraging new business from the 78% of prospects who review your LinkedIn page
  • How to gain social media advantage over your competitors
  • How to leverage content and groups for more business

What you don’t know may be a significant impediment to your success. Learn how your online CV can market your services more effectively.

Ethics in Social Media: Promote your Practice Properly

Most firms use social media for general announcements, content distribution and other one-to-many endeavors. Very few harness its power to target decision-makers and initiate a productive one-on-one business development dialogue.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Ethically establish contact with industry influencers and prospective clients
  • Use social media platforms to revitalize the key relationships that have become dormant over time
  • Engage with the power-players in your network
  • Balance low-touch social media with high-touch conversations for an optimal use of time and energy
  • Minimize lawyers’ unproductive social media activity

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