Video excerpts to help boost your BD skills

  • Integrating Referral Sources into your Business Development Plan

    David Ackert facilitated this excerpt of an interactive workshop on business plans. The program helped its audience integrate referral sources and various other components into comprehensive roadmaps. A panel was also featured to provide examples of successful business development planning and execution.

  • Virtual Prospecting

    This business development tutorial describes a 5-step process that will help you secure an introduction to your prospect and pitch your services. It also describes how PIPELINEPLUS manages your follow-ups so you can advance the opportunity and close the deal.

  • Maintaining your Network Remotely

    This tutorial shows you how to stay connected to your most important relationships, even when you can’t visit them due to geography or quarantine. Our Trainer curriculum features dozens of videos like this one, designed to enhance rainmaking skills.

  • Why Business Development Is Every Lawyer's Problem

    Joe Patrice speaks with David Ackert, host of The Market Leaders Podcast about the role of business development in the legal profession. Lawyers may not love the hustle, but it's the basis of a service industry and lawyers at every level have a role to play in building their future opportunities. And it's not just a challenge for attorneys -- firms need to build a culture that maximizes respect for attorney business development too.