Case Studies

Cases that highlight results our products & services have delivered over the years

The following case studies examine specific instances where Ackert solutions were used to overcome our clients’ business challenges and deliver measurable ROI.
    • PIPELINE has created a community of colleagues at our firm who are optimistic and excited about client development.

      headshot of Gillian Brennan for pipeline case study

      Gillian Brennan Client Relations Director

  • Pipeline Focus sessions offer lawyers a remarkable number of benefits in a very short 30-minute window. The group shares best practices, hears one another’s success stories, offers each other tips on strategy, and plans cross-selling efforts. Questions can be addressed during the sessions and we build in time for users to create and update tiles. I’m most impressed, though, with the sense of community they’ve created—a community of colleagues who are optimistic and excited about client development. I highly recommend them.

    • PIPELINEPLUS delivered a 5x ROI for my firm.

      headshot of Amanda Loesch for pipeline case study

      Amanda Loesch Chief Marketing Officer

  • Case Study: PIPELINEPLUS success at Porzio

    In this interview excerpt, Amanda Loesch, Chief Marketing Officer at Porzio, discusses how PIPELINEPLUS improved the business development activity at her firm. The tool helped drive her business development efforts, provide valuable oversight, and deliver leading indicators to monitor team performance and increase ROI. (75 seconds)

    • We saw over 10X ROI within the first three months.

      headshot of Jennifer Ahner for pipeline case study

      Jennifer Ahner Director of Major Accounts & Proposals
      Ogletree Deakins

  • Case Study: Sales Pipeline Management at Ogletree

    Jennifer Ahner, Director of Major Accounts & Proposals at Ogletree Deakins, participated in a four-month long case study on the ROI generated by PIPELINE. In this excerpt, she discusses how our software amplified accountability and business development activity, yielding a quick ROI to the firm. (80 seconds)

    • Since we started using PIPELINE in early 2017, we've logged over $920,000 in revenue generated by 30 of our lawyers. In 2018 alone, our new revenue was nearly 46x greater than our investment in the software license. PIPELINEPLUS has been a fantastic addition to our business development efforts.

      headshot of Erica Rodriquez-Roman for pipeline case study

      Erica Rodriguez-Roman Chief Marketing & BD Officer
      Cole Schotz P.C.

  • Erica Rodriguez-Roman shares her strategies for success in increasing lawyer engagement in business development, managing her technology stack, and achieving meaningful ROI.

    Read the case study to learn how Cole Schotz generated $920,000 in revenue and 46X ROI.

    • If you really want to show your value at the firm, you've got tie your wins to the money. PIPELINEPLUS gives you a smart way to do that.

      headshot of Karie Trujillo for pipeline case study

      Karie Trujillo Marketing and Client Relations Director
      Markowitz Herbold

  • Karie Trujillo, the Marketing and Client Relations Director at Markowitz Herbold, shares how she has she built a sales culture from the ground up by coaching her lawyers and generating leads for her firm. She uses PIPELINEPLUS to streamline this important function at Markowitz Herbold.

    • The $12.4 million return on hard costs represented a 33,900% ROI. The program was so widely endorsed by leadership across the firm that Winston launched several subsequent classes.

      headshot of Katy von Treskow for pipeline case study

      Katy von Treskow Director of Marketing Communications
      Winston & Strawn

  • In 2016, Winston & Strawn partnered with Ackert to deliver a long-term business development training initiative intended to develop a learning culture, raise the firm’s profile externally across five key industry verticals, measure and improve lawyer BD productivity, and increase origination activity.

    Read the case study to learn how Winston achieved 90% adoption and 33,900% ROI.

    • The program helped us generate $3M of new business within the first nine months.

      headshot of Rachel Lufkin for pipeline case study

      Rachel Lufkin Marketing Manager
      Dorsey & Whitney

  • Case Study: Business Development Coaching Success with Dorsey & Whitney

    In 2016, Dorsey & Whitney LLP launched a pilot program, which generated millions of dollars of ROI. The firm has expanded the program every year since. (42 seconds)

    • PIPELINEPLUS TRAINER delivered a 1,374% return on investment from a cohort of 8 lawyers within one year.

      headshot of Alison Janzen for pipeline case study

      Alison Janzen Director of Marketing & Business Development
      Torkin Manes LLP

  • CMO Spotlight - TRAINER Case Study with Torkin Manes

    Alison Janzen, the Director of Marketing at Torkin Manes, shares how her firm benefited from our group coaching and TRAINER e-learning curriculum. The hybrid program generated a significant financial return to her firm.

    • When left to their own devices, business developers will stop using technology. In this case, consistent and brief touchpoints drive adoption, keeps the users on track, and begets great results without adding a lot of work to my plate.

      headshot of Jenna Schiappacasse for pipeline case study

      Jenna Schiappacasse Director of Client Development
      Rosenberg Martin

  • PIPELINEPLUS Case Study with Rosenberg Martin

    In this case study excerpt, Jenna Schiappacasse, the Director of Client Development at Rosenberg Martin, discusses how in less than a year of utilization, PIPELINE transformed her work as a solo marketer and generated ROI for the lawyers at her firm.

    • Business development is paramount to remaining competitive in a hyper-saturated marketplace.

      headshot of Olivia Watson for pipeline case study

      Olivia Watson Head of Marketing
      Ackert, Inc.

  • CRM vs. Pipeline Management: A Case Study

    According to Altman Weil's 'Law Firms in Transition 2017' survey, 71% of firms are investing more in BD, but only 30% achieve their desired improvement. This case study examines the reported ROI of law firm CRM compared with PIPELINEPLUS.

    You will learn:

    • The reasons behind low adoption rates of CRM within law firms
    • Pipeline management: a results-driven approach to business development
    • How law firms have generated up to 11,500% ROI with pipeline management
    • How targeted business development leads to better ROI
    • How PIPELINEPLUS generates new business and ROI for law firms
    • Whether you use your CRM, a homegrown system on your firm's intranet, or a pipeline management platform, holding lawyers accountable is the key driver to engagement.

      headshot of Katie Rutter for pipeline case study

      Katie Rutter Business Development and Client Service Programs

  • Motivating Lawyers to Engage: A Case Study on Business Development Technology

    Marketing departments are being challenged to come up with creative ways to shift lawyer mindsets, given the increasingly competitive legal landscape and the change-resistant culture that prevails at most firms. Goulston & Storrs rose to this challenge by incorporating PIPELINEPLUS into its business development efforts to form a robust training program. The initial pilot was a 2016 finalist in the LMA NE Your Honor Awards for Practice Development and Client-Based Programs.

    Read the case study to learn:

    • How PIPELINEPLUS helped Goulston & Storrs generate a 20% increase in opportunities for cross-selling meetings
    • How the firm conducted a small pilot that generated significant ROI
    • 5 best practices for rolling out a successful business development technology initiative at your firm