Sales Enablement Platform

PIPELINEPLUS shows you who to target and what to do with them. Simplify your relationship pipeline and clarify your next step.

PipelinePLUS | A Sales Enablement Platform
animated image on how to use Pipeline plus software

A Sales Enablement Platform developed for professional services

PIPELINEPLUS  is built for efficiency and impact because time is precious, growth is paramount, and ROI should be a given.

animated image on how to use Pipeline plus software

Efficient Business Development Tools to improve sales pipelines

Users know where all leads and clients are in the sales pipeline at any given point. PIPELINEPLUS  integrates with CRMs and Outlook and provides alerts with upcoming action items. Access the app on desktop or mobile devices to stay on top of priorities.

PipelinePlus App on Mobile Phone

Automated Business Insights to drive strategy

Streamline business and client development with AI-empowered insights, suggestions, and best practices to consistently increase revenue. PIPELINEPLUS  AI-driven insights help determine how business developers bring in more with automatic, concrete recommendations for the next steps needed to close the next deal.