Sales Acceleration Platform

PIPELINEPLUS shows you which high-value clients, prospects, and referrals to target and what to do with them. Simplify your sales pipeline and clarify your next step.

PIPELINEPLUS Sales Acceleration Platform

A Sales Acceleration Platform Developed for Professional Services

PIPELINEPLUS is built for efficiency and impact because time is precious, growth is paramount, and ROI should be a given.

Efficient Business Development Tools to Improve Sales Pipelines

Users know where all leads and clients are in the sales pipeline at any given point. PIPELINEPLUS  integrates with Outlook Calendar and CRM and provides alerts with upcoming action items. Access the app on desktop or mobile devices to stay on top of priorities.


was the average revenue generated by a PIPELINEPLUS target.

Source: PIPELINEPLUS  2021 Benchmark Report


“The implementation of PIPELINEPLUS Coaching and sales processes resulted in over $5M in new annual revenue.” Heidi Leach, Director Of Business Development, Farmer Law PC

AI Powered Insights with PIPELINEPLUS

Automated Business Insights to Drive Strategy

Streamline business and client development with AI-empowered insights, suggestions, and best practices to consistently increase revenue. PIPELINEPLUS  AI-driven insights help determine how business developers bring in more with automatic, concrete recommendations for the next steps needed to close the next deal.


of C-Suite executives say that sales enablement solutions are the top technology investment necessary to boost sales productivity.

Source: Hubspot

Business Development and e-Learning

Accelerate revenue generation and optimize platform usage through PIPELINEPLUS e-learning. Our extensive library of skills content includes micro-lessons, worksheets, and guides business developers need to thrive in the professional services landscape. Micro-lessons are short, high-impact, and give users the tools they need for every aspect of business and client development. Each 5 to 10-minute lesson concludes with actionable recommendations to advance business development goals.

  • Developing a Professional Brand
  • Effective Presentations
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Maximize LinkedIn
  • Virtual and In-Person Networking
  • Expand Client Relationships
  • How to Turn Friends into Clients
  • and more

Sample Micro-Lesson

Clients of PIPELINEPLUS have achieved these results

$38 Thousand

The average revenue generated by a completed PIPELINEPLUS target

$53 Thousand

The average revenue generated by a completed target at Top 10 Performing Firms.

$5 Million

On average, PIPELINEPLUS users’ completed targets generated a total of more than $5.7 million per year in revenue for their firms.

Reporting and Analytics

Empower your business developers with data that is critical for marketing and business development

Reporting and Analytics | Targets


View the active targets of a single user.

Reporting and Analytics | Viewer


Efficient team pipeline management of your firm’s performance.

Reporting and Analytics | KPI Dashboards

KPI Dashboards

All of your Marketing and Business Development data in one place. Make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Marketing, Financial, Cross-Sell and ROI Frames