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  • On the login screen, click on the "Lost your password?" link. You will be asked to enter either your email or username to reset your password (typically your work email). You will be sent an email with further instructions on resetting your password.

    You should receive an email almost immediately upon requesting a password reset. If you do not, it's possible the email exchange server within your firm has set a delay on receiving that email to check that it's safe, which typically creates a 15 minute delay.

    Please do not attempt to reset your password a second time, as it will only replace the first request, making the first link you receive not work. If you did reset your password more than one time, please wait for the most recent link to arrive, as that will be the proper and workable link to reset your password.

    This 1 minute walk-through video will demonstrate the main features of Pipeline and how to navigate through the software:

    On the main dashboard view of Pipeline, you will see a blue "add" (+) button near the bottom of the screen. Click this button and enter the details of your Target, including name, company, target type and due date.

    After initial creation of a Target and adding a first Step, depending on how business development went with this Target, you can now either:

    • Take the next step with this same target (click "Done? Take The Next Step")
    • Delay the deadline of the current Step (click "Snooze")
    • Complete this Target if there are no more steps to take (click "Complete Target")
    • Edit the Target or Steps if something changed (click "Edit Target")
    • Hold the Target if you want to remove this Target from your BD pipeline (click "Hold Target")

    Help with app troubleshoot / billing / general info: support@ackertinc.com

    For urgent matters, call us at 818-804-5491 to speak with our Client Success Manager - Mollie Smith.

     INSIGHTS  tells you where you are at, and where you need to go. These aren’t just helpful tips, they are a direct order of your next course of action. We’ve put a lot of thought into  INSIGHTS  to monitor your  PIPELINEPLUS  activities and dynamically determine what you should focus on next. The best way to use  INSIGHTS  is to review the new notifications the moment they come in.  INSIGHTS  keeps you on the right path to complete your goals.

    In TRAINER - Lessons: Start by clicking on a tile to open a video details, then watch the video Lesson all the way through. It's highly recommended to take brief notes as you watch, as certain Lessons request you to complete a Worksheet. If you are ever on the go without access to the app, you can also download the transcript of the video.

    We also provide helpful Resources to keep your knowledge up-to-date with following industry standards for business development. Be sure to visit Resources frequently to get the most recent news and tips on business development.

    Viewer consists of two main areas:

    1. Practice Viewer - an elegant dashboard that integrates with any platform to display your most important information in one place. This is business intelligence at its finest. This dashboard can track any of your metrics, including by not limited to:

    • Business Development Performance
    • Pursuites & Proposals
    • Revenue - Per client, industry type, group, and individual
    • Website Analytics (traffic / sources / keyword searches / etc.)
    • Email Open & Click Through Rates
    • Social Media Reach & Engagement Across Channels
    • Competitive Comparison
    • Finances & Billing
    • ...and virtually anything else you want us to connect to

    2. Management Reports - an extension of Pipeline activity. The Management Reports provides your firm champion with a simple, easy-to-understand dashboard to help identify potential overlaps where your team may be pursuing similar targets. Save valuable time and expand your cross-selling potential by identifying these opportunities.

    Have questions about the software but are not a user yet? Head over to our FAQs page for answers to your product/services questions. You can also contact through the contact form below, or directly at info@ackertinc.com.

The full set of FAQs for PIPELINEPLUS users can be found in the Help Center.

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PIPELINEPLUS has to offer with your license

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    Prioritize Your Targets

    Our intuitive prioritization system integrates with your CRM and helps you focus on the people you need to contact.

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    Train Your People

    Business development e-learning tools provide the strategies, skills, and mindset business developers need to thrive in today’s environment.

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    Pursue with Confidence

    Built-in AI provides concrete recommendations, so you know exactly what steps to take to close new business.

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    Track Your Progress

    Comprehensive dashboards that track business development & sales performance and illuminate new avenues for growth.