How to Use Storytelling to Engage People

“What do you do?” This question is asked of us more often than any other in a professional context. Most of us respond with a high-level generic description of our profession. “I’m an M&A lawyer” or “I’m a CPA.” And while our answer addresses the question, it usually fails to engage our audience or capture business opportunities. It’s also completely forgettable.

On the other hand, consider the last novel you read or movie you watched. No doubt you remember at least some of the plot. That’s because, as numerous studies demonstrate, storytelling is far more persuasive and engaging than facts or figures alone.

So the next time you’re asked what you do, don’t just answer with the title on your business card. Tell a quick story about someone you helped or the results you facilitated. Specific examples provide context for the good work you do, and a narrative is much more likely to be remembered, relayed, and referred.

Authored by David Ackert

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