Are You Willing to Do What It Takes?

Not everyone can compete in the Olympics. You have to be better than good. You have to be excellent.

Not everyone can be a rainmaker. You have to be better than good (your competition is already good.) You have to be excellent. Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be. But it does require an extraordinary commitment.

Ask yourself: Are you willing to do what it takes? Are you “all in” as they say at the poker table? Because it will require a greater sacrifice than the one you’re currently making. (If the strategies and efforts you were already putting in were enough, you’d be there already.) The book of business you want will require that you dedicate more time, delegate your workload more aggressively, manage yourself with greater discipline, and overcome the fears that keep you from picking up the phone, interviewing your top client, and asking key contacts for referrals. I know, you’re really busy and you don’t want to appear salesy. But the truth is, it only takes a few minutes to make the call and you’re smart enough to come up with a classy way of asking for business. If the excuse itself is enough to comfort you, then don’t expect it to yield the book of business that you hope for. That book is earned.

That article you’ve been meaning to write—quit procrastinating. That talk you’ve been too scared to give—time to pony up.

I’m not suggesting you abandon your humanity and become a machine. Quite the opposite. If you’re burnt out, take a vacation. If you’re stuck, ask for help. Tend generously to the fire in your belly until it blazes hotly with intention. But be ruthless in your mission to snuff out any signs of mediocrity.
Finish these two sentences: I don’t have the book of business I want because… ____. I’d like to have a more successful practice, but… ___.

“Because” and “but” are your enemies. They are the links between you and your excuses. Be very suspicious of them when they infiltrate your self-talk. Not everyone can be a rainmaker. Only those who take extraordinary measures in the face of daunting resistance. Only those who are willing to do what it takes.

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