The sales acceleration platform that drives sales through coaching. technology.

The sales acceleration platform that drives sales through coaching.

PIPELINEPLUS ® enhances the powerful combination of coaching and technology to help you drive revenue from your high-value relationships and opportunities.

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Four critical components of business development in one tool

Pipeline Management

Intuitive system integrates with your Outlook Calendar and CRM and helps you prioritize the prospects, clients, and referral sources you need to contact.

Library of Skills Content

Business development micro-lessons provide the strategies and skills you need to thrive.

AI-Powered Business Development Insights

AI provides concrete recommendations so you know exactly what steps to take to close new business.


Comprehensive dashboards track critical data to empower marketers and business developers.

Efficient Business Development Tools to Improve Sales Pipelines

Our PIPELINEPLUS suite of business development software helps you prioritize your contacts, plan your next steps, and track your progress. Use PIPELINEPLUS to accelerate sales training, collaboration, and execution.

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Business and Client Development Coaching & Training

We empower your business and client development functions at all stages of your team’s evolution. We combine expert business and client development coaching with powerful technology to create sustainable, meaningful results.


“The implementation of PIPELINEPLUS Coaching and sales processes resulted in over $5M in new annual revenue.” Heidi Leach, Director Of Business Development, Farmer Law PC

Clients of PIPELINEPLUS have achieved these results

$38 Thousand

The average revenue generated by a completed PIPELINEPLUS target

$53 Thousand

The average revenue generated by a completed target at Top 10 Performing Firms.

$5 Million

On average, PIPELINEPLUS users’ completed targets generated a total of more than $5.7 million per year in revenue for their firms.

A mid-sized New York-based law firm is proving the powerful impact Ackert’s coaching services have on PipelinePlus engagement and adoption.

Five months into a six-month coaching engagement with seasoned coach Carmelo Millimaci, the firm’s PIPELINEPLUS numbers are soaring.

PIPELINEPLUS Sales Acceleration Platform

Available Two Ways

PIPELINEPLUS ® is a sales acceleration platform developed for professional services firms. Use the app standalone or combined with individual or group business development coaching.

Revenue Growth in 3 Easy Steps

  • Enter or download your key contacts and goals

  • Receive AI-powered, just-in-time recommendations on how to advance your opportunities

  • Follow the recommended steps and grow your business

Dianne Lee headshot

Dianne Lee

Business Development and
Client Engagement Lead | Kitchell

PIPELINEPLUS is the most intuitive sales enablement tool I’ve encountered in the marketplace. It’s what any modern firm should be using if it’s serious about business development.

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Andrew Apfelberg

Andrew Apfelberg

Partner | Greenberg Glusker

Business development requires the practical application of fresh ideas. Thanks to the innovations at Ackert, I doubled my book of business in less than a year and became one of the top rainmakers at my firm.

Julia Heide

Julia Heide

Director of Marketing and Communications
Williams Parker

The combination of Ackert coaching and PIPELINEPLUS has maximized BD efforts and results from both our associates and seasoned attorneys.

Heidi Leach

Director of Business Development
Farmer Law PC

The implementation of PIPELINEPLUS Coaching and sales processes resulted in over $5M in new annual revenue.

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